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sole to soul

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sseko designs

How often do you think about the purchases you make and where they come from? How often do you think about the gift you are giving and the people who created it?

Your pair of Sseko sandals is not printed and pumped out of a machine. Each pair is carefully crafted, passing through the hands of the many talented and dedicated ladies on our sole team. From cutting to sewing, gluing to hammering, and all the way to checking, this team works together to produce excellent quality sole’s. Sseko sandals come from our hands to yours, from our soul’s to your sole’s. And each one of the members of the sole team has a story, a life, a soul. Esther is one of them.

Esther has mastered every step of the sole creating process, and has settled nicely into her role as quality control. She checks each pair of shoes to make sure they are 100% consistent with Sseko’s standards and vision.

Esther is an engaging and bright young woman, an eager worker and faithful friend. Her smile is welcoming and contagious. It makes you feel like you’re in the presence of your best friend. She is from a large family of 12, with 9 girls and 3 boys. “I am thankful that my family supports me and encourages me to be a strong woman.” She also speaks of her gratitude to be a part of the Sseko team. “I am thankful for my job and that my working conditions are very nice and are not stressful. I am glad that Sseko does a lot of work to empow- er and help women. Sseko is big with the ladies, there are a lot of ladies to chat with and talk to.”

Esther is proud to be Ugandan. “I am grateful to live in Uganda because it is my country. No matter what, it is mine and I love it.” Esther’s face lights up as she shares her love of the beautiful natural wonders of Uganda, including the scenic lakes, green forests and variety of animals.

Esther’s dream is to be successful in her life and her career. “And someday I would like a family of my own,” she muses.
By supporting Sseko, you are giving a gift that gives back. A gift that gives Esther a fair income, a safe and loving community, the right to believe in herself, and the freedom to dream.

When you purchase or gift a pair of Sseko’s, remember that each sole, each strap, comes from the hands of a woman in Uganda. From the creating of soles, to your soul. From your heart, to hers.

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